Short Story

Jim's Custom Framing Story

Jim takes an annual trip: he has has explored France, Spain, Germany and Taiwan, among others. This year, his talented son, (he plays piano and violin, has mad Chinese yogo skills, and is headed off to the University of Minnesota this fall) performed with his high-school orchestra in Vienna and Prague. Jim seized the opportunity to join him and have an adventure in Prague.
While walking on the St. Charles Bridge, Jim came upon a street artist selling watercolor prints. Their vibrant colors and local cityscapes would make both a lovely reminder of this trip and a great addition to the decor of his office.
Vicki designed these lovely frames and bold matting to complement both the artwork and the dark wood walls in Jim's office.

Happy Mother's Day from the Moms of Seebecks!

Owner: Vicki Seebeck
"Two boys. Honestly I always wanted girls. I was convinced Riley was going to be a girl, so he didn’t get a name for 2 days since we pretty much only had girl names picked, and I guess Riley could be a girl name or a boy name anyhow he was all boy, all 9lbs 11oz. of his little Popeye self. Max was lucky to have been born since Riley was such a handful I had to convince Jon we didn’t want our only parenting experience to be slanted by our number one son. So they are almost exactly to the day five years apart. I had a household of males, including our boy dog Charlie. The two boys would do the naked dance bouncing on the beds and the dog would be barking. Jon wondered why they just couldn’t calmly slip into bed and go to sleep at night. They were and still are so playful and they both love an adventure. That’s not always easy for a mom. I was worried all the time someone was going to get hurt. And to be brutally honest, I didn’t understand boys that much. I tried to talk calmly and reason with them until one day at daycare the director pulled me aside and said “Vicki, with boys, be clear with as few words as possible.”

I love my boys who are now men. It’s bittersweet when boys start turning into men and their beautiful soft skin changes, they start smelling different and they really don’t want you to be hugging and nuzzling them anymore, the giggling and belly laughing turns into “Oh Mom, cut it out”. Writing this is emotional, how fast time goes by. My biggest regret is every stage of their growing up I was always rushing to be in the next stage. Now I look back and wish I would’ve taken more time to enjoy the beauty of all the moments, no matter what stage they were in. I guess when you get older you have a better appreciation for time. Riley is 28 and lives in Washington state so I only see him once or twice a year and I am so proud of him, he’s a really nice guy with a big heart, uses his creativity as a free lance photographer and lives for adventure. Max is 23 and started college a little later so he’s back home and going to Parkside. He is also extremely creative, has taken up drawing, has an uncanny sense of humor and has an interesting use of the language. Right now this is one of the best stages ever with my boys and I am relishing in everyone being in a good place. As they say…”You’re only as happy as your least happy child.” P.S. I am hoping for girl grandchildren someday!"
Merchandiser, Joyce
"Although these are to be stories about my children on Mothers Day, I couldn't help but give a shout out to this silver haired lady, my mom Carol. Without her love and guidance I would not be the person I am today. She gave advice, which I didn't always want, but she was usually right, being there through my up and downs. Thank you mom, you helped me raise 3 incredible children who I love more than anything. Cullen is too smart for me, but is always testing how gullible I am, Addie makes me laugh everyday and Aisling has a sarcastic wit. It has been a joy to watch them grow into the amazing adults they are. I can't wait to see where life brings them."

Sales team associate,  Sherry:
“By far the best job I've ever had is being their Mom, she drove me crazy, he kept getting lost every time we went somewhere, and between the two of them we greeted the emergency room nurses by their first names, yeah a couple of dare devils. I survived, they survived. So proud of them both, and love them to pieces.”

Here's Arielle - furbaby mom:)
"Although I'm not a true mother, I consider myself to be a devoted cat mom. A few years ago I found a stray cat and took him in, fed him and gave him some love. Ever since that day me and Manny have been inseparable!"

Team leader Carla:
"Me and my crew!!!! I have been so blessed to be able to raise 3 of these great adults: Michael Ruffolo (my favorite), Travis Ruffolo (most like me, but smarter) and Brianna Skye Beth (our princess).... We have been so fortunate!!!! Our newest family member is Bill. He is a great fit to our family, Thanks for falling in love with Brianna!!! 
This photo was taken last year in Alaska. We had a red eye flight (no sleep) and had to explore. Brianna's orders!
Life with this group is the BEST!!!!!"
Luke Adams Glass

Discovering glass blowing in art school, Luke built his own studio in Norwood, Massachusetts in 2006. Since then, the studio has grown and expanded to sell gifts and includes a glassblowing bench where Boston locals can conveniently take classes.
Their small staff of glassblowers produce hundreds of pieces daily for the Luke Adams line. The pieces are shipped to more than 500 galleries worldwide, from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Corning Museum of Glass.

Hannah's Custom Framing Story
On a recent trip to New Delhi, Hannah visited a textile showroom where she found this rug. Hannah says "I just thought it was kind of cool - too cool for the floor!" Women make these rugs with the scraps from saris so each piece is unique.
​" We absolutely love it...especially after Vicki got her hands on it!"

Kristin & Joseph's Story
There is much planning for a wedding! You spend time making sure everything is just right. Kristin and Joseph chose a circus theme for their Glenview, Illinois wedding. With 100 friends and family coming, many from out of town, it was important to them to bring a Chicago flavor to the celebrations. Guests enjoyed buffet-style food including corn dogs, mac & cheese and cheeseburgers. Garrets popcorn provided Chicago-style snacks, and cotton-candy made for colorful favors. Center pieces were vintage board games the couple had found antiquing and circus-style games like ring-toss added to the fun.
A custom preservation framing of this delightful set of wedding communications was a lovely way to enjoy the fruits of their planning labor (look at that attention to detail!). Kristin is an interior designer and infused these pieces with her creative flair. The display showcases their personality and thoughtful touches. 

Custom framing. Preservation framing.
Sandy's Custom Framing Story
Sandy and her husband hosted a Finnish exchange student approximately 30 years ago. This beautifully engraved Lappknife and hand tooled leather sheath was the thank-you gift they received. A friendship was formed and to this day they periodically go to Finland to visit.

Custom picture framing Park posters
David & Gloria's Story
Racine residents, David and Gloria, plan to visit all the National Parks. They return from each trip with a beautiful poster to remind them of their travels. These are the first three of their collection; framed by Seebeck's to preserve and display David and Gloria's memories.
We look forward to sharing in their future journeys!

Custom framing
Gene & Dawn's Story
When Gene was a child his parents designated 3 oil paintings to be his upon their passing. Many years later, Gene and Dawn proudly displayed the paintings in their own home. On December 26, 2015 they returned home after the holidays to find part of their house in flames! No one was hurt and the fire was contained however there was massive smoke damage to their possessions including the 3 oil paintings. They found a service that was able to remove the smoke damage and subsequently brought the paintings to Seebecks for new framing. They picked them up Sunday, June 25 and were amazed at the results and very thankful to be taking them home where they belong. It was an honor to be entrusted with this last step of bringing the artwork back to life! Our associate, Arielle is shown in the picture with Gene and Dawn.