Our Story

Seebeck Gallery is proud to be in their 25th year of business. The gallery opened in the fall of 1992 by husband and wife team Jon & Victoria Seebeck. They wanted to bring a variety of arts and crafts to Victoria’s hometown. The gallery boasts a diverse collection of local, regional, and national artists. Original oils, watercolors, jewelry, ceramics, wood, art glass, sculpture, and many home accent items are always available. Cultivating clients who appreciate the beauty in a handcrafted piece is one of the greatest joys for the staff at Seebeck Gallery. Along with great art, Seebeck Gallery has a reputation for quality custom picture framing.
Just a small grouping of my Acoma pottery. The one in the back Jon and I purchased at the Grand Canyon when we visited for our 20th wedding anniversary. Two were given to us by my brother and the tiny bug pot I got at a side road store before going to the Acoma Sky City Pueblo many years ago.
Random Thoughts

It's Thanksgiving Day and I'm dusting before company arrives. As I dust I realize how many wonderful art objects I've collected over the past years since Jon and I have opened the gallery. Now most would think dusting is a bore, but I am taking the time to admire the beauty in each piece. I am especially focusing on my beautiful collection of Acoma pottery, maybe because so long ago our forefathers broke bread with the Indians that it is drawing my attention today. My brother is a dentist and for most of his career he worked for the Indian Health Services so I came to appreciate the beauty of Native American craft. I was especially drawn to the style of this Pueblo Indian pottery. I love the black & white along with all the pattern, it's amazing the skill even though the tools are so basic. A little dirt, some fire and a pair of hands to do the work. As I relish my collected pieces this is what I know...when something is hand-made by a human there is a quality that can never be matched by a machine, maybe there's a little piece of the person who made it, maybe the tiny imperfections are what make it perfect. Here's the thing, today I am so thankful I have had the opportunity for the past 25 years to bring beauty into this little corner of Wisconsin and share it with you, our customers, collectors and many friends. I am truly blessed for this alone. Happy Thanksgiving.