Our Story

Seebeck Gallery is proud to be going into their 26th year in business. The gallery opened in the fall of 1992 by husband and wife team Jon & Victoria Seebeck. They wanted to bring a variety of arts and crafts to Victoria’s hometown. The gallery boasts a diverse collection of local, regional, and national artists. Original oils, watercolors, jewelry, ceramics, wood, art glass, sculpture, and many home accent items are always available. Cultivating clients who appreciate the beauty in a handcrafted piece is one of the greatest joys for the staff at Seebeck Gallery. Along with great art, Seebeck Gallery has a reputation for quality custom picture framing.

Gifts for the holidays
An array of unique gifts and decorating ideas are always available!
Random Thoughts
I’m a visual person. No surprise I guess. Maybe it’s just me; but when you walk into a beautifully decorated store doesn’t it just make your heart smile. The colors, the lights, the sparkly objects spinning and making noise, talk about filling up your senses. Maybe it reminds you of a childhood memory? Maybe it lets you pause and soak in the beauty of the season. Maybe you are shopping for something in particular but now you’ve seen gift ideas for others on your list! All because you’ve put yourself out there and physically walked into a store to shop. Hopefully you’ll get some smiles, some laughs, and maybe you’ll even run into a long ago friend and catch up on each others lives. Shopping can be so fun!

This Saturday and Sunday is our Open House. We’ve worked hard to come up with a mix of products for you, we’ve decorated and we have a special promotion this weekend. We want you to love shopping with us. This season, please know we are so grateful to share the joy of the season with you and thank you for your presence. -XO Vicki

Custom Framing at Seebecks

November 1992-Kenosha News photo introducing Seebeck Gallery as a new business. Jon, Vicki and Riley (almost 2 years old, now almost 28 years old). Our first location 56th & 6th Ave. Downtown Kenosha. We opened in what was then the Lepp building. It was torn down by the city to continue the boulevard to the museums which meant we had to re-locate. That is when we decided to move to Pleasant Prairie, in a brand new development that was considered "way out" on Hwy 50. A couple of lady customers told me one day "You're so far out of town, we have to pack a lunch when we shop with you". Makes me chuckle...
Random Thoughts

This photo is framed and hangs in my office. Most days I don't even notice it, but the other day I took notice, especially because our twenty-sixth anniversary is right around the corner. It's amazing how fast time goes, sometimes my best measurement of time is the age of my children, since I don't mind them getting older as much as I mind getting older myself. When I reflect back to 1992, this was a tough time for us in a couple different ways. You see, Jon and I had been living in Knoxville, TN, I was a magazine designer and he was in school while he managed the custom framing for an art gallery. I'm a Kenosha girl and Jon is from Milwaukee, so after Riley was born family suggested we move back. Jon had always wanted his own business and I just wanted a job where I didn't have to commute. But right before we moved back my mother died unexpectedly at an early age, so needless to say our world was shaken. Moving 600 miles, having our first child, starting a new business and the death of my mother was a lot of change all at once. There were many tough times in the early years of business. Now 26 years later, as you can see from the picture the gallery has changed quite a bit! We have had to rethink our mission from art and framing to introducing many artist-made gift items. Jon's still framing for the store and I'm out front. Connecting with customers is one of the best parts of my job, and now I am seeing the second generation of our customers shopping with us, which truly warms my heart. Always grateful for many things, on the top of my list are the wonderful people who walk through the door and trust Seebeck Gallery to frame their treasures or let us help them find the perfect gift for that someone special. As our community has grown, so have we, and we thank you all for your support and patronage over the years. XO -Vicki 

Artisan pottery in Kenosha
Just a small grouping of my Acoma pottery. The one in the back Jon and I purchased at the Grand Canyon when we visited for our 20th wedding anniversary. Two were given to us by my brother and the tiny bug pot I got at a side road store before going to the Acoma Sky City Pueblo many years ago.
Random Thoughts

It's Thanksgiving Day and I'm dusting before company arrives. As I dust I realize how many wonderful art objects I've collected over the past years since Jon and I have opened the gallery. Now most would think dusting is a bore, but I am taking the time to admire the beauty in each piece. I am especially focusing on my beautiful collection of Acoma pottery, maybe because so long ago our forefathers broke bread with the Indians that it is drawing my attention today. My brother is a dentist and for most of his career he worked for the Indian Health Services so I came to appreciate the beauty of Native American craft. I was especially drawn to the style of this Pueblo Indian pottery. I love the black & white along with all the pattern, it's amazing the skill even though the tools are so basic. A little dirt, some fire and a pair of hands to do the work. As I relish my collected pieces this is what I know...when something is hand-made by a human there is a quality that can never be matched by a machine, maybe there's a little piece of the person who made it, maybe the tiny imperfections are what make it perfect. Here's the thing, today I am so thankful I have had the opportunity for the past 25 years to bring beauty into this little corner of Wisconsin and share it with you, our customers, collectors and many friends. I am truly blessed for this alone. Happy Thanksgiving.