Meet Our New Artist

Kami of Timber Lane Studio 
Drawing from the beauty of southeastern Wisconsin, Kami creates beautiful copper feathers utilizing cold-formed metal techniques. Working with copper and the natural oxidation process, wood, and paint, Kami creates pieces that are both rustic, beautiful, as well as unique. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can vary.

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Pottery By Jessie

I have always had a love for pottery…all shapes, forms, and techniques. I remember walking around art shows as a child with my mom absolutely enamored with all the colors, textures and designs of the various artists. Later on in college, I fell in love with the unpredictable nature of all that encompasses ceramics. I would find myself racing to the ceramics studio after my business classes, eagerly anticipating the unloading of the kilns. All these years later, I am still as excited to unload a kiln and see what awaits me. I believe I have found something truly exciting and fulfilling to do with my life. I strive to provide people with beautiful, handmade dishes and decorative pieces for their homes.
My passion for ceramic art has continued to grow stronger over the years. In my studio in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, I create original functional and decorative ceramic works. My pottery is made by hand on the wheel or slab built one at a time using durable white stoneware. Each piece is one-of-a-kind with a rustic, yet still contemporary look which I achieve through using modern glaze styles and colors, and multiple glaze techniques. I draw my inspiration from all things around me; beautiful fabrics, culinary arts, decorating trends, nature…you name it.

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