Meet Our New Artist

Sally Brandl. Featured Artist. Embroidered watercolors
Sally Brandl

Seebecks is so excited to represent the embroidered watercolors created by Sally Brandl of Chicago. You may wonder what an “embroidered” watercolor actually is. Sally has a history of working in the yarn/knitting industry for many years. She has taken that love of yarns and included them in her watercolors. Her array of geometric patterns and designs is how she starts and then each watercolor has woven yarn placed throughout the design.
This effect is hard to see from a distance but up close the 3-dimensional effect is a wonderful surprise. The complexity of shapes and patterns captures the viewer and leads to the whimsy and movement in and out of color and negative space. The watercolors are easily displayed as a single piece or can group together nicely. They truly bring a smile.

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Lenny Nagler painter
Lenny Nagler
Lenny, a self-taught painter, has had an interest in art since childhood.  He has been painting and exhibiting full time for more than a decade.  Lenny’s experimentation with different styles and media create paintings with his own distinctive style.  His subject matter might rightfully be described as eclectic, including landscapes (real and imaginary), "portraits" (mostly imaginary-some real), still lifes, and anything that strikes a cord in his artistic sense.  Lenny's painting technique varies from brush to palette knife, but most frequently consists of oil painted forward on a colored background.

Lenny's work can be seen year-round at the gallery. Please call or stop by to see works available as it is ever changing.

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Watch a video of Lenny at a Chicago Art Fair.

Sheree Burlington. Wing + Tree life Celebration Plates
Sheree Burlington, the designer of
Wing + Tree Life Celebration Plates
On 20 August 2012, Sheree's son, Neal, crashed his motorcycle and never came home again. He was 19. 
In the early stages of her grief, Sheree turned to art therapy for relief. Some of these designs come from her own journey back from loss. When words fail, and they often do, this collection sends the comforting message: Your nonphysical loved ones are nearby, loving and guiding you every day. Because they really are and they really do.  
Sheree says "I've had a few years to live with the empty space left behind by the funny, intelligent, noisy, gentle giant I called my son. Grief has been replaced by a kind of acceptance. He's gone. This is how life works. I still mourn - but I more celebrate Neal's noisy, fast, short life. I talk about him like he's still here and can barely remember what a huge pain he was. I feel him, see signs, ask for and get answers. This kid is really, really busy. 
They're everywhere - the people we love and think we have lost. They've just stepped through that doorway and we can't see them. To hear, to see, to feel - takes some intention and attention. Signs of life afterlife are everywhere. We just have to open our eyes, tune our ears - open our hearts to the quiet voice that speaks within. That voice comes from the heart - the very place we say we'll carry them, forever.
So I'm sending inspiration from my angel to your angel. I wish you and those you love a peaceful and healing heart." 

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Kami Strunsee of Timber Lane Studio
Kami of Timber Lane Studio 
Drawing from the beauty of southeastern Wisconsin, Kami creates beautiful copper feathers utilizing cold-formed metal techniques. Working with copper and the natural oxidation process, wood, and paint, Kami creates pieces that are both rustic, beautiful, as well as unique. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can vary.

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