Lindsay Melito

Wedding Registry for Lindsay Melito and Jacob Mason

Items that are available for purchase online will have a 'Click here to purchase online' link. 

Nora Fleming
T6       Triple Dish                 $32.00 Sold
Q7       Large Baker               $52.00 Sold
P7       Square Baker             $46.00 Sold
V6       Butter Dish                $30.00 Sold
L6        Napkin Holder           $34.00 Sold
A205   Flamingo Mini            $13.95 Sold
A87    St. Patty's Hat Mini      $13.95 Sold
A207   Dragonfly Mini            $13.95 Sold
A143    Elf Feet Mini              $13.95 Sold
Any mini's of your choice. Ask for suggestions.

Language Arts
4LETTER        LOVE in B+W $40.00 SOLD

Funky Rock Designs
TCCBD                        Booze Dispenser        $138.00

Spunky Fluff
KB009Medium          But First, Coffee         $65.99 SOLD

SQU-SM-GL    Small Great Lakes Plate        $42.99
SQ-SM-LAM    Lambeau Field Plate             $42.99 SOLD
PER-WI           Wisconsin Periodic Plate      $89.99

Prairie Dance
1003212        So Technically, Alcohol Sign $64.99

GS-WN-CL      Revolving Wine Glass                                  $100.00
                       Custom Engraved preferred $125 + shipping

1013MON      13” Sketchbook Platter        $108.99 + shipping SOLD

Asta Glass
AP11595        Bride & Groom Champagne Glass   $65.00 +Shipping
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1001255        Tuxedo Wine Bucket                                    $65.00

Cedar Mountain
TBS1004        Be Happy Timber Bit                        $12.99
TBS1006        Faith Timber Bit                    $12.99
TBM2014       Love You More Timber Bit   $13.99

1002855        Bowl- Glass, 11” Square       $119.99
1002854        Salad Servers,   $45.99

Twisted Wares
115050          Wine-o-Clock Towel              $14.99
Variety of Hand towels and Kitchen towels
-ask associate for assistance.

Butterfield Pottery
L-CV-T-S-GREEN        Green Vase     $69.99  SOLD
L-OV-S-GREEN           Wide Green Vase       $74.99  SOLD
L-LD-5SM-GR             Small Stacking Bowl  $28.00  SOLD
6-GEO-B-S-GREEN     Small Stacking Bowl  $32.00  SOLD
6-GEO-BL-GREEN      Med Stacking Bowl    $45.00  SOLD
6-GE-SB-GR                Large Stacking Bowl  $94.99  SOLD

Loves Flamingos! + Gift Cards are fine
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